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Tor 4 jul 2013 01:02:18
I bought this for Christmas 2011 and have been nothing but disappointed.
The cons are obvious for most owners I´ve talked with. I bought it for it´s price point, which shows in quality.

The mount is VERY flimsy, it´s cheap, nasty and is too obvious; to use this telescope the very first thing my friends
and I offer advice on is to throw the mount away as soon as you buy it.

- Rugged pre-assembled tripod with 1.25 steel tube legs - Provides a rigid and stable platform ->
This is utter crap, and you´ll be hard to find an owner who doesn´t agree. The mount is the most problematic issue with the 130EQ.

The focus mechanism is also cheap and nasty, the shaft does not correctly align in the mount or on it´s rails. The further out you need to focus,
the worse and more obvious the poor quality shows. This adds a lot of problems just trying to get it focused as the slightest touch of the focuser
and your view is thrown about violently, often making it impossible to correctly focus.

There are a few other issues; mainly with the setting circles. These are how you align Dec. and RA, using the circles to fine tune degrees.
These are also cheap and nasty, I have seen several of these telescopes now loose grip either straight out the box or randomly.
Once the setting circles move, you no longer have ANY reference of alignment unless you were to manually adjust them against a known star.

I believe most reviews for this telescope praise functionality and price, but that is as far as mine gets before getting negative.
I have been hard pressed to find a honest review for this telescope and I sincerely hope that these points are thoroughly considered
before purchase. You can spend more than double the original price of the telescope to fix the issues that come with the 130EQ
straight out the box.

Cons: tripod quality, focus mechanism,
Doesn´t focus real well, image blured, rubbish red dot finder that is not removable and there is no centre spot on the primary mirror making
collimation impossible unless you remove the mirror in mark one on.

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