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Sön 27 dec 2009 15:15:34
Förmedlar från VSNET (med tillstånd av Ivanov Andronov):

A New Algol-type Variable Star,
Discovered Using Remotely Controlled Telescope

Natalia Virnina 1,2

1) Odessa National University, Odessa, Ukraine,
2) Odessa National Maritime University, Odessa, Ukraine

Abstract. Variability of the star USNO-B1.0 0793-0023471=VSX J022427.8-104035 (R.A.(2000)=02h24m27.853s, Dec(2000)=-10d40m35.2s) had been discovered using the remotely controlled 206-mm astrophysical refractor of Tzec Maun Observatory (USA), which had been equipped with an SBIG monochrome camera (STL-11000) plus a photometric filter wheel. Further observations were obtained on 180-mm unfiltered refractor of the same observatory.
The time series light curve shows narrow eclipses indicating that the object is an Algol-type binary without secondary minimum. Using the trigonometric polynomial fit of the statistically optimal order s (Andronov, 1994, ), the value s=9 was determined, the initial epoch is T0=HJD 2455106.3231±0.0005, period P=0.522734±0.000015. The smoothed brightness at the minimum is mmin=16.079±0.008 (Rc) and at the maximum mmax=15.417±0.011 (Rc).

The full version of the article was submitted to the Journal of the AAVSO. The original time series were published at the AAVSO site

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