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Ons 18 dec 2013 21:39:22
Skapar en ny tråd för den intressanta diskussionen om dessa stjärnor. Jag hittade en diskussion på AAVSO:s forum från 2005 ( med följande citat från Dorrit Hoffleit i History
of Variable Star Nomenclature, JAAVSO 16(2)

´With the exception of the nova Q Cyg all of these stars [variables with
extraordinary designations] had letters assigned long before a system of
nomenclature especially for variable stars had been established. The
source of Q for Q Cyg (discovered in 1876) is obscure, possibly assigned
just to follow P without reference to Argeländer. In Chandler´s first
catalogue of variable stars published in 1888 this variable was included
but not yet named. Similarly it remained unnamed in Pickering´s Index
to Observations of Variable Stars published in 1890. But in Chandler´s
second catalogue of 1893, it had been named Q Cyg. No comment on the
unusual letter was offered, the introduction simple stating the letters
according to Argeländer´s system of nomenclature, extended by the use of
double letters, require no special remark. Yet no provision for Q
seems to have been stated by Argeländer or elsewhere.´

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